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We created this website with purpose to collect the information from car auctions, next to archive and calculate average prices.

We are creating this website with the main purpose of gathering information from car auctions and providing comprehensive vehicle reports by VIN number. Our platform enables access to detailed vehicle history by VIN number and offers car reports by VIN number containing essential data about each vehicle. Additionally, we archive car information and calculate average prices, facilitating a comprehensive analysis of the used vehicle market.

In general we are publishing only recent records from our database.

In general, we present only the latest entries from our database, particularly focusing on vehicle reports by VIN number and vehicle history by VIN number. Our publications encompass car reports by VIN number, containing essential information about the technical condition, repair history, accident history, and other significant aspects of each vehicle.

We care to act in harmony with people and personal interests including other businesses.

We strive to act in a manner that considers the needs of people, their diverse aspirations, and individual interests, including the priorities and goals of other businesses. Our concern for harmonious relationships is based on respecting the needs of others and business partners, aiming for cooperation grounded in mutual understanding and benefits for all involved parties. We aim to create an atmosphere conducive to mutual development and prosperity, not only for our own business but also for other affiliated entities.

If you see any mistakes, data violation or you want us to delete a particular car from any reason, please contact us on help[at] or use data removal button on a car single page.